About Us


RRA Consultores was founded in 1997. Over two decades we have supported hundreds of companies and organizations, making them more competitive by increasing internal efficiency, rationalizing consumption, training.

We have a deep pride in all of our customers, from the small company with only one employee to the large group of international companies with thousands of employees.

We have grown continuously and sustainably since our establishment in all organizational areas: knowledge, innovation, internal organization, training, human resources, customers, turnover, facilities, and equipment.

We are currently a reputable company in the market, respected and sought out by customers, partners, employees, and suppliers due to our professionalism and high sense of responsibility. Our investment in advertising is limited to the utmost essential, as our customers and partners are our best advertisement by recommnending RRA Consultores and bringing new customers.

Our organization has had a Quality Management System implemented since 2001, and we continuously invest in its simplification and the monitoring of the latest trends in this area. Nothing else would be acceptable from a company that implements management systems in companies,  representing Portugal in one of the largest worldwide certification bodies: DEKRA.

RRA Consultores is a training entity and has been certified by DGERT for over 14 years, being certified in 26 different areas (one of the most comprehensive certifications nationwide), which allows us to take part in a wide range of areas and topics, from the most transverse to the most specific and related to the technical and production aspects.

Our intervention is nationwide, although it is focused mainly in the regions of the North, Centre, and Lisbon and Tagus Valley area. Our headoffice is located in Matosinhos, in a modern office building near the sea and close to our training center.

Our team consists of more than 100 professional employees  who make an invaluable contribution every day, with their effort and dedication, so as to achieve the more than 20,000 hours of training and advice and the volume of more than 150,000 hours of training conducted annually.

Develop skills and promote business growth.

Mission and Vision