Quality Policy

The RRA Consultores'  quality policy is based on the following principles:

  • Customer satisfaction, ensuring the growth and success of the company;

  • Continuous improvement and innovation in order to follow the requirements of the customers and markets;

  • Employee satisfaction by promoting pride in being part of the RRA Consultores team;

  • A team of highly qualified employees and a global vision of the company and its policies in the various areas of operation;

  • Complaisant, efficient, and flexible internal organization based on processes and with well-defined indicators.

 All the employees of the company are involved in the implementation of this Policy.


Social Responsibility:

RRA Consultores holds a socially responsible attitude. Its performance always seeks the most efficient use of resources, thus minimizing environmental impact.

We respect and care about our employees and partners always seeking to improve their quality of life.

RRA Consultores also seeks to support the social community in which it operates through donations, sponsorships, and other forms of support for charities that demonstrate an important activity.